Sunday, 5 June 2011

Poetry and Pokémon

It has come to my attention that we are currently in exam season... And that this week in particular is being commonly referred to as ‘hell week’! For those not in the loop (whom I fear is all of you as I may have made this expression up) let me explain... In the first week, I had 2 exams. The next week I had just 2 exams again. Now, as we reach the third week, it has just dawned on me that I have 6 exams! *faints slowly for added effect* And... I’m definitely not the only one in this situation. So to stress my annoyance of this state of affairs, I have decided to write a poem for you;
So here we are,
Three weeks in,
How’s your revision going?
Most of mine is in the bin.
Yeah. I didn’t get very far until I had no idea what to write... and what I did do isn’t very good. But you know what it’s taught me? To appreciate poets who come up with shite 10x longer than mine! I have no idea how they do it but all I know is; I can’t. It’s just not possible. I tried. I failed. Lets just call it writers block, eh?
Anyways, onto other news... the other day I trained my Charizard to lvl.100! Yeah... I *should* have been doing revision but in the long term, Pokémon is much more importa nt! In the near future, some friends and I are getting together for a Pokémon championship and I need to get ready! To be honest, I know I can annihilate obliterate completly vapourise all their Pokémon but better safe than sorry I suppose, so the training must continue!
And now, alas, we have arrived at the final milestone of this post. My Musical Matter section! Today is extra-special; I have 2 songs for you! Allow me to explain...
The first is a cover song of Ed Sheerans ‘The A-Team’. I’m not going to lie to you; I hate this song so much. The way Sheeran sings it literally makes my ears begin to bleed. However, the cover artist, Hywel Bradley sings this song so well, he makes me want to listen to it, my ears suddenly become immune when I hear his voice (this is beginning to sound homosexual, but you know when you hear a song and the actually song's rubbish but the artist's voice literally MAKES the song so good, yeah thats what it's like here). Like White Denim in my last post, this is a guy who you want to keep an eye out for - could be the next Dave Grohl or something... Without further ado, here’s Hywel;
The A-Team – Ed Sheeran (COVER)
The second song I have for you is, naturally, a song by The Prodigy. However, it’s an unknown b-side. I think this song’s really a ‘you either love it or hate it’ kind of thing... It’s not really anything like The Prodigy’s normal catalogue but I urge you to give it a listen. A reason why this is probably a b-side rather than an a-tune, is that its repetitive-ness wouldn’t suit well to an album but this was one of their most successful live tracks during the 1990’s. Here you are:
Pandemonium – The Prodigy
I hope you enjoy these great songs but now I’m afraid that’s all we have time for, so I’ll bid you farewell. As always; may The Fuck be with you.
Until next time,

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