Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A month in the life of........

HELLO!!! It has been a full month since our last meeting! My apologies for my absence!
Anyway, seeing as though we’re back and I’m now more on top of things, we will resume this blog forth with!
A lot Has happened but I will try and summarise for you: we finished school (success!) and had the river boat shuffle (which was okay!). Then I was lucky enough to win tickets to the first night of the ITunes festival to see Paul Simon! Surprisingly, it was a great set and one of the best artists I’ve ever seen live!
Then, literally the next day, myself and some others went to Hyde Park’s Wireless festival. Among the acts were The Whip, Katy B and The Streets. Chase and Status also played. Now, I’m not a massive fan of C&S but they really get the crowd going and you can’t help but dance! They even managed to get Tempa T to come out! TEMMMMPPPPPZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! However, the real showstoppers of the day were The Chemical Brothers. Ahh... I’m not even sure I can put into words how good these guys were! Their music is non-stop carnage! If you get the chance to see them live; GO! Because, one day, I want to Do It Again.
Moving on, since then I’ve been to see White Lies twice and The Wombats! Thanks to ITunes for two of those gigs but one of them, myself and some other true White Lies fans travelled all the way to Coventry for one of the most intimate gigs ever. AND, to top off an amazing road trip, we even got to meet the band afterwards! I’m not going to lie but I almost did unspeakable things with Charles Cave (the bassist)... but enough of that!
In more recent news, I’ve found myself a job that pays well and is actually pretty fun! It’s in a hotel, and before now I’ve only ever been a customer in a hotel but now, being a hotel worker, I’ve seen how everything works and come together! As well as being interesting, it’s surprisingly fun (If not tiring!). I know many people my age are in work or looking for work at the moment, so those employed, I hope you’re enjoying yourselves! And to those seeking employment, I grant you good luck for you search!
That is all for now. I will probably be posting extremely soon but till’ then, may The Fuck be with you! Until next time,

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