Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Great Depression

So today I thought I’d get a lot of revision done. Guess what? It didn’t happen. It just didn’t. No. Nothing close to it. I did get some done this morning though, so it wasn’t all a waste and I will do some tonight but there’s that massive gap at midday... I bet you’re dying to know what I did during those 5 or so hours. Well then, I’ll tell you.
As I said yesterday, I’m going to a Chameleon Circuit Party on Saturday and I want some spending monies as apparently there’s going to be ALOT of merchandise there. At the moment, I have £20. And you know what? I owe Lisa £20 for the ticket. So I was getting a little desperate and found myself asking my mum if there was anything I could do to get some money. Here’s where the bombshell came. She told me to clean my room! What’s that I hear you say?
“Is that it?”
“You get money to clean your room!?”
“Why are you complaining!?!”
Well, I’ll tell you. In my family, my room is commonly referred to as the ‘black hole’, the ‘tip’ or ‘the amazing, floorless room!’ And seriously, that’s no understatement. This morning, there was probably around 1 foot of random things covering the floor! So, I got to work...
4 hours later, I’m still not done but have called it a day simply because I’m lazy. However, my room is a lot tidier now but still nowhere near being vaguely finished! However, it’s been a good day’s work and hopefully tomorrow my room will be a lot nicer place to revise in! But yeah, I still have a lot more to do until it’s perfect... :/
I have something very exciting to tell you! As you may have gathered, I am a bit of a Prodigy fan... And if you know my good friend Colm Murphy, you will know that he is a bit of a Muse fan... In recognition of this, Colm and I will do two very special blog posts! I shall do ‘The beginners guide to The Prodigy’ and the very next day, Colm will post his ‘The beginners guide to Muse’. More on this exciting event soon!
Finally, as promised, this post is much shorter than yesterday’s essay but there is still one thing left! Today’s Musical Matters!
Among my many travels, I have come across some awful pop trash, some amazing rock genius and some average indie rifts. Today’s gem is inventive, different and completely amazing. The song is ‘Drugs’ by the Texas four-piece rock band ‘White Denim’. Featured in this month’s ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Q’ magazines, White Denim has established themselves as something worth listening to. I’ve chosen this song simply because I could see this band becoming something brilliant and look forward to following their progress for a long time. Without further ado...
Drugs – White Denim.
That’s all for now folks and while I’m gone, may The Fuck be with you.
Until next time,

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