Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Grand Fool....

Ok... so I’ve been thinking lately what my next post should be about. Past posts have been made up in the moment, but this one needed some thought and preparation. To you, this may sound strange; so let me explain... Over the weekend, I had a realisation. I thought to myself “my blog’s just a blog. There’s nothing really special about it, is there?”. It got me rather depressed, which added to my many worries... BUT all was not lost good people! Monday morning, I woke up and knew. Knew what this blog was going to be... Knew its destiny...
To be honest, it’s not going to be anything different from before... I just believe in this blog a little more now. However, there is going to be something new today! Don’t you feel so lucky? Getting something completely new in today’s post?! If I was you, I’d feel pretty lucky... More on this later though!
Do you ever find yourself adapting and saying new words instinctively? For example, years ago – I began to make fun out of my Irish parents’ accents and began to say the word ‘Grand’ (for all those who aren’t that bright, it means ‘good’ or ‘great’). At first, It was merely a joke and was meant to annoy my mam and dad but over time, it as become one of my most used words! Nowadays, I don’t do it for a ‘laugh’; I do it because it’s the first word that comes to mind and it sort of slips out! A bit like turettes...
That was then; now I have a new word... Something I really don’t even like. *sigh* It’s actually a little embarrassing... It’s the word ‘fool’. I have no idea where this even came from or even why I do it?!!! In contrast to ‘Grand’, ‘fool’ is beginning to annoy me. I feel like I have some kind of syndrome where I’m trying to act like some hard black stereotype and however hard I try to resist... it kind of slips out! It’s not until after I say it or write it that I realise that I’ve just fuelled the fire and made it even more imprinted in my brain, thus making it harder to stop! *sigh* I’ve talked about this too much... I shall move on... *sigh*
So, do you remember the post where I mentioned Chameleon Circuit? I hope you looked them up, and also looked up Nerimon when I mentioned him too because then, you’ll appreciate what I’m about to say; this Saturday, I’m going to go to a listening party of theirs and am going to meet them!!! Their new album ’Still Got Legs’ is out soon and I recommend you looking it up as it sounds to be an extremely promising album! Also, I'm just going to add a massive thank you to my great friends Lisa and Ria, who got the tickets for us! :D
Anyway... here comes the new, mysterious and highly anticipated section to the post! Each day (*post) I’m going to give you a music track, which I hope you may not have heard, and strongly suggest you listen to it. I’m going to brand it ‘Musical Matters’. What do you think? Catchy? Or just stupid!? I don’t know, tell me what you think... I shall endeavour to pick a track for next time. This first one is just to push you to go listen to it again (as I know you’ve heard it all before).
Stockholm Syndrome – Muse.
From their album Absolution (like you didn’t know already)
I've chosen this song as I have to admit, it's one of my favorite songs of theirs and I hope that one day I may get to see live...
That’s enough rambling from one Irish man today, I bid you farewell and hope all that revision (for those actually revising) goes well. May The Fuck be with you.
Until next time,

P.S. I apologise for the anti-climax of the "new, mysterious and highly anticipated section" but I hope you'll listen and enjoy my suggestions. Also, I apologise for the length of this post. Once I get started, it’s hard to know when to stop! Next time, it shall be shorter! :)

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