Thursday, 26 May 2011

Getting the f*ck down: The origin story.

Good evening all,
I have come to write to you tonight to tell you some grave news... when I tell, I want you to remember that all is okay; life goes on and all that. Now... are you ready? *Deep breath. Exhale* Ready now? Okay, here it is; I have discovered a hole in my favourite pair of socks. I know... absolutely devastating. *sigh* A wise man once told me that there’s always more socks in the drawer - but the realism is hard to face you know? However, as I’ve said, life goes on! I’m sorry for having to include this tragedy in today’s post but now, we move on...
As I’m sure you already know, The Prodigy’s first live album/DVD came out on Monday, ‘World’s on Fire’. Now, to say this is a good album would be a ridiculous understatement. Having been filmed at The Warrior’s Dance Festival last July, you experience The Prodigy at their best – absolutely amazing. I have created a review title for this album, I hope you like it:
“Sex is great. Sex is amazing. But World’s on Fire is better. Much better...”
I hoped you liked it! The actual DVD is fantastic though. Most of you will know the saying “Get The Fuck Down”, made famous by some random dude, which comes directly from this concert. Seeing 65,000 people getting the fuck down is truly a life changing event. You may not like the song but there is no denying that this band is something special when it comes to live shows, no matter how much you like them. My recommendation; get the album and watch the DVD, forget about the songs for the moment, but you must experience the buzz of the gig itself.
Also, on the subject of getting the fuck down, some people have asked me what ‘The Fuck’ is, what I began to mention in my previous post. Quite simply, ‘The Fuck’ is a measure of how cool you are, in accordance to how low you can get down to the floor when someone says ‘Get the fuck down’. Complicated? A little. Understandable? Yes. I hope you have all enjoyed learning about The Fuck. Moving on...
It has struck me how many concerts there have been announced recently! With White Lies headlining Wembley arena in December, to The Wombats’ UK tour in September. This is an extremely busy time for Music fans! Are you guys planning on booking anything? Going to any festivals this summer? Comment and tell me about them! In the future, I’d love to do a segment on people’s opinions of the artists they’ve seen live, so if you’re interested in maybe writing a short post for me, please tell me!
Anyways, this has been rather musically orientated and even more so Prodigy orientated. If this hasn’t been your cup of tea (I still have no idea why I use this analogy when I still hate tea!), i’m sorry but believe me when better posts are coming for you soon!
In the meantime, may The Fuck be with you.
Until next time,

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  1. You're so easy to read!!! :D
    Also, been going a bit too hard on the wank sock? ;D
    And the Prodigy aren't Q's number 1 live band for nothing :D
    And as you know I am going to reading ofc... ^^
    I shall record that question for you now btw, check yo mail soon...